¡Hola! Join the culture.

¡Hola! We love technology, and we love the continuous development. We take care of each other and the bigger the family, the stronger we are. Saman Ventures is always looking for exceptional talent and friends to join the family in sunny Costa Del Sol, Málaga, Spain. Read the story of why to join and apply for open roles.

Continuous Development

The everyday work should be interesting and motivating. The more innovative we are the better quality we produce. We love to work with cutting edge technologies, experiment, and crate a learning platform for the family.

Careers for cloud and data consultants should be fun, instructive, challenging with highly self-development opportunities. For this reason, we love to work as a group. To share knowledge and learn more!

Contribution to the Community

We not only develop our selves, but our philosophy is to give back to the community as much as we can. We share our learnings and experiences by arranging meet-ups and talking in conferences.

Global Clients

We are a team player with high personal expertise and working with global enterprises across Europe. We are on the same side of the table with our customers to support their business with our high-quality solutions.

Perfect Location and Weather

Our office is at the moment in Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain. Over 260 promised sunny days, and lovely Mediterranean weather guarantees a high energy level and various outdoor activities after the office hours. 

Current Open Positions

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Our mission is to be an enabler as a partner for our clients to take maximum advantage of data for better decision making and sustainable world.