Azure Full-Stack Developer


We are looking for an experienced Azure full stack-developer to co-create high available, scalable digital solutions on Microsoft Azure. As a developer, you will be working with the rest of the team at the core of our customer’s business to create the maximum value with the delivered solution. Your job is to resolve the problems keeping best practices and the future in mind.


The developer should have a good understanding of Azure PaaS and SaaS services like App Services and Azure Functions using C#, and dotnet core as primary back-end technologies. The developer should have the knowledge to design, develop and deliver modern monolith and microservices API solutions using a TDD approach.

We also require a good understanding of Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Azure Storage account and Azure service bus in combination with entity framework core used as a data storage in the enterprise solutions.

The person should also have high experience with Git repositories and Azure DevOps pipelines to create and maintain continuous deployment.

We require modern front-end development skills with React and Typescripts.

Additional skills

Being familiar to application containerisation platforms like Docker, Kubernetes and Azure container is a huge plus but not required for this role.

Azure Integration Services is usually part of our architecture, and we appreciate the knowledge of Azure API Management and Logic Apps.

If the developer has experiences with different Office 365 solutions or interfaces is a great plus, especially if SharePoint capabilities are in the skillset.

We assume you already master

You are a team player who has a hunger for learning more and help others. You have good experience with agile projects, and the self-organized skills are at the master level.

The recruitment process

  1. Send your CV to saman.ahmadi(at)
  2. Before doing the deep-dive to your technical skills, we want to know who you are. We will tell more ourselves, the culture and way of working. The first interview round is more about the person and culture fit than technology skills.
  3. On the second round, we will have a call with our client representatives and will go deeper to technology skills and project experience.
  4. Occasionally we might have the third interview round to get everything right.
  5. When we decide to go forward, we will contact the people you choose as a reference.
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