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Core Competencies

Data Platform Development

DevOps, DevSecOps and DataOps

Azure Integration Services

Full-Stack Application Development

Cloud and Architectural Advisory 

In Saman Ventures, we help our clients with Data platforms, Integrations, Full-stack cloud development challenges. With the nordic mindset and Spanish hospitality, Saman Ventures provides high quality and professional consulting services from Costa del Sol, Malaga. We help our clients from various industries from defining cloud governancesolution architectures, and DevOps strategies to building data and applications platforms to get the maximum value from cloud services, especially Microsoft Azure.

Data Platforms

Data Platforms

Data management projects reflect on the business vision, and data use in the digital business to achieve goals defined in the corporate strategy.

Saman Ventures provides technical, architectural, and business expertise to work with the stakeholders and decision-makers to understand the current challenges and provide solutions for improvements.



In the Hybrid era of corporate infrastructure, creating scalable and versatile integrations between the back-office and cloud plays a critical role in everyday business.

Creating cost-effective and maintainable integrations using no-code, low-code, or Server-less platforms is our consultant’s expertise.

Application Development

App Development

Data platforms make it possible for our clients to take advantage of the business data. Building modern digital services and engaging end-users requires scalable, robust, maintainable, and cloud-based applications.

Our consultants love to solve problems with our client. Is the architecture monolith or microservice based we always tools and best practices.

Tech Advisory

Advisory & Care

We study well the way our clients do their business. Therefore, we will develop a detailed roadmap together for transformation projects to drive growth and more satisfaction.

The development should be continuous, and we believe in long-term partnerships. This way, we can create high standard services and having a future in mind.


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Our mission is to be an enabler as a partner for our clients to take maximum advantage of data for better decision making and sustainable world.